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Strategic Pricing

  • In-Line Product Pricing Strategy Development/Refinement
  • In-Line Product Pricing Strategy Implementation
  • Pricing Strategy Revenue Projections
  • New Product Launch Price Optimization Modeling
  • New Product Pricing Strategy Development
  • Pipeline and Candidate Product Pricing Evaluations
  • Pricing Research Design and Interpretation
  • Pricing Processes/Systems Evaluation

Contracting Support

  • Segment/Customer-Specific Contracting Strategy Development
  • Contract Performance Evaluation by Account or Brand
  • Contract Template Development
  • Customer Contract Negotiation Support
  • Contract Implementation Support
  • Payer Research Design and Interpretation
  • Contracting Processes/Systems Evaluation

Government Pricing

  • Medicaid, 340B/PHS, FSS/FCP, ASP Methodologies, and Processes Evaluation
  • Medicaid Supplemental Rebate Contract Strategy Development
  • Medicaid Contract Negotiation Support
  • Government Rebate Liability Calculations Support
  • Government Liability Estimates

Departmental Support

  • Pricing & Contracting Departmental Structure and Design
  • Pricing Committee Design and Approval Process
  • Gross-to-Net Systems Evaluations
  • Gross-to-Net Calculation Support

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Delaware | Illinois | Massachusetts | New Jersey | North Carolina

Office Hours:
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